Improvement in School Spirit at the University of Waterloo

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Administrators at the University of Waterloo are disappointed with the lack of the school spirit. School spirit can be defined as ones’ emotional support for their educational institute. To be fair our university certainly does have numerous clubs, sports, and other nonacademic programs to join on campus, however, it does not seem to entice students to join in comparison to other schools. The following will demonstrate why the university needs to improve on student engagement as well as the benefits it will provide for both of them in the future.
At the University of Waterloo many students do not attend the games like football, basketball, and other school sports. Rubal Singh, a third year student and avid football player says, “The stadium is mostly filled with friends and family. Not many students.” In comparison to other schools in the province like The University of Guelph and Western University there stadiums are usually filled and have many non-related supporters. After interviewing many of my friends that attend our University a mutual consensus was that our school encourages more of an academic agenda than a social bonding one. According to Maclean’s 2013 annual statistics The University of Waterloo has been ranked as Canada’s most innovative and comprehensive university. Impressive, nonetheless, could those statistics mean that the University has no time to be the best spirited as well? Could the academic workload cause negative effects on the extracurricular activities? I believe it could.
Having a highly reputable school attached to your resume is very important for a student’s success in the workforce but that does not mean the school needs to put less importance on “school spirit.” Our school holds about 30,000 stu...

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...riors! We can do better than that! My hope is that the University of Waterloo implements my suggestions therefore future years will continue to improve on their school spirit to make it not only beneficial for the University but the students as well.

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