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Early in the twentieth century, Impressionism brought about the artistic revolution, which included the world’s finest painters. The art of Impressionism strives to create a sensation or evoke a mood that is significant to the artist. Although, developed chiefly in France during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the impressionistic movement was not exclusively French artists. Eugene Boudin, Jongkind, and Stanislas Lepine were among the forerunners of the Impressionistic movement. Eugene Boudin, one of the founders of the art, held a major role in the development of Impressionism. Through the many influences of Eugene Boudin, artists expressed themselves through the utilization of color and light, a technique still used today. World famous Impressionists were inspired by Monet, Manet, and Renoir. Through the advancements of the Realists, Impressionism became a state of mind, in which artists could convey their personal visual reality through the effects of color and light.

The post-renaissance period is largely considered one of the most influential precursors to Impressionism. The founders of the Impressionistic society were animated by the will to break away from the traditional style of art. The influence was great out of France, especially in Germany, Liebermann, Corinth, and in Belgium. Impressionists were largely responsible for a major shift in the development of western art, influencing other artists who admired their work.

Eugene Boudin began teaching artists such as Monet, Manet, Courbet, Bazille, Sisley, and Renoir how to observe the changing lights. Distinctive atmospheres in France that were afforded by the constantly changing nature of the landscape made ...

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...rances. It was around this time that Impressionists were becoming appreciated.

Monet’s famous Impressions: soleil levant is generally thought to have prompted the naming of the whole genre (Tucker, 1995, p.4). It was first used as a name of an exhibition, Exposition des Impressionnistes. Then impressionniste was printed in the Charivari after the exhibition.

Through both many influences of Eugene Boudin and the advancements of the Realists, Impressionism became, not only an art form, but a state of mind. Through Impressionism, artists could convey their personal visual reality with the use of color and light. Among the inspired were Monet, Manet, and Renoir, who later became artists of world famous Impressions. Still utilized today, Impressionism strives to create a sensation or evoke a mood significant to each artist, and capture the audience.
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