Important Issues with WeChat's Success

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Background WeChat is developed by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited Company which is the largest and most used Internet service portal in China. WeChat is first launched at January 2011 which is capable in various smartphone operation systems. The slogan of WeChat is “The New Way To Connect”, which means it wish to connect the users in a new and creative way, through the text and voice messages, “People nearby” and “Drift Bottle”, across different OS platforms. It provides a various connection features for users to communicate and share with others. WeChat achieved to set in fifth place of most used smartphone app worldwide , and now its number of users is more than 300millions. Besides the WeChat’s features, the financial strength and the private Research Institute of Tencent are the important issues to WeChat’s success. Value proposition of the information service WeChat is a kind of multimedia communication platforms to connect with friends. This is an instant communication channel that allows users to use it at anytime anywhere as long as the Wi-Fi or data networks support. Although there are some similar communication applications in the market, WeChat still has own functions to draw people attention and attract them to use it. First of all, WeChat can create and maintain users’ interests in terms of the knowledge and community. Since WeChat supports users to keep updating their status. Therefore, users can update their friends easily. Business partners and young adults welcome the application because there is no geographic restriction and do not confined to offices that the application allows users to have a quick respond in the chat. WeChat is gladly accepted in business circles. Besides, most of the young... ... middle of paper ... ... and make differentiation among the others. Finally, users can easy to memorize this application because of this special characteristic. Provide a passcode lock We suggest WeChat to provide a passcode lock function. User can request passcode unlock every time when they open WeChat. The users required to enter their ID and password for the first time login WeChat now. Once the user lost the smartphone, all conversation and personal information may be found in WeChat. Therefore, it helps to protect the data in WeChat since the others won’t be able open without password, Logout through the WeChat official website Besides, we suggest WeChat to add a function, remote control, on its official website. The users are able to logout their WeChat in smartphones through the remote control in the official website immediately when they noticed that they lost their smartphones.

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