Importance of an X-Ray Technician

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There are two things in common with all the x-rays taken. They all have a story and all the stories are shared with the man or women taking the x-ray. Almost everyone will have at least one x-ray in their life. Most x-ray technicians can make an impact on their patients life, no matter if it is a good or bad impact. While the patient is sitting there in minor or crucial pain, the x-ray technician has to distract them from the pain while they move them to take the x-rays. Most people do not understand just how important x-ray technicians are. An x-ray tech could lead to incorrect diagnoses if they do not fulfill their duties right (Career). They have many responsibilities: they are to lead x-ray film cassettes, to take radio graphs and digital photos, to develop, fix, wash, dry, and files x-ray film, to keep records to x-ray film, and they have to assist scheduling for the x-ray clinics (Become). “X-ray technicians use cutting-edge imaging methods to visualize, treat illnesses, or injuries with great accuracy” (Spako). They use a lot of different equipment to take images (Spako). X-ray techs use traditional x-ray machines, computerized axial tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, fluoroscopy, film, and digital mammography (Spako). Another name x-ray technicians will get called is radiographers (Decker). “Radiographers and their colleagues in the radiology lab provide a vital service, improving doctors’ ability to diagnose and treat patients for a variety of illnesses” (Decker). X-ray Technicians work in many places; some include a hospital, doctor’s clinic, or a laboratory (xraytech). “About 61% of x-ray technicians work in a hospital” (Become). Most of them work weekends, and holidays; some of them also work night shifts (Spak... ... middle of paper ... ...ding career with a lot of potential. With the right attitude and work ethic, an x-ray technician can help tell that story. Works Cited “Become an X-ray Technician.” N.P., N.D. Web. 25 Nov 2013. Career As A Radiologic Technician, Ultrasound X-ray Technologist: Healthcare Specialists Who Take the Pictures That Enable Doctors to Diagnose and Treat Broken Bones and Serious Diseases. Chicago: Institute of Research, 1999. Print. Decker, Fred. “Plans and Steps to Becoming an X-ray Technician.” N.P., N.D. Web. 25 Nov 2013. Monar, Lisa. E-mail Interview. 26 Nov 2013. Stotler, Gail. The Science Behind the Skill of Vein Access for the X-ray Tech: The Anatomy, Physiology, and Physics of the IV. East Alton: Vein Access Technologies, 2008. Print. “X-ray Technician Requirements.” N.P., N.D. Web. 25 Nov 2013.

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