Importance of Teamwork

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A challenging business climate needs to be engaged by effective teamwork. It provides an opportunity to come together and establish a common ground for fulfilment of specific goals. Understanding, appreciation, and encouragement are main elements of effective teamwork. The vision must be bold, stir the intellect and yet move the heart. What is at stake needs to be clearly defined out. The best teams are well planned up front, team has the right person doesn’t mean that it will be successful .Kozlowski and llgen present the science behind team effectiveness: what we know about the way team members interact that leads to success. Teamwork is defined by Scarnati (2001, p.5)” as a cooperative process that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results”. Harris & Harris (1996) also explain that a team has a common goal or purpose where team members can develop effective, mutual relationship to achieve team goals. Teamwork in any organization has various principles and one of the principles of teamwork in an organization is strength. The strengths of the team members should be associated towards achieving goal. The other important principle of teamwork is trust. Success in organization is only achieved when members of team develop trust among each other. In teamwork, shared values are most important principle Muchinsky, P.M., 344. When team members have shared values, other principles of teamwork are attained. Main principle of teamwork is based on shared values that can make team members work together to achieve common goal. Teamwork is increasingly gaining importance. Individual decision making has taken backstage and more emphasis has been given to team management approach for solving problems and decision making. Teamwork... ... middle of paper ... ...ew.asp?id=163485

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