Importance of Regenerative Medicine in Health Care

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Imagine a world where no one dies of CANCER or HEART ATTACK, where sick people are provided with affordable cures and treatments, or where a person does not die due to the unavailability of suitable blood or organ donor. Is such a world possible? As the human race is moving towards advancement the number of diseases and disorders are also on increase. To fight against these problems many new health care field have emerged since the past half-decade. Most promising of those fields is the Regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is a multidisciplinary field concerned with creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, or congenital defects (US National Institute of Health). It has been 20 years since the idea of Regenerative Medicine sprung. It all started with the use of tissue engineering to replace body organs or tissues by the ones grown in lab made using the cells from the targeted organs. Since the discovery of stem cells, most research in the field of regenerative medicine has been focused on the manipulating stem cells so they can be used to repair or replace any type of body cell or tissue which before the stem cell discovery was not possible. And so with time the two terms regenerative medicine and stem cells have become quite linked. This field has grabbed a great amount of international attention considering its promising ability to cure many incurable diseases, especially cancers and mental disease, and resulting in better health standards for humans. Basically regenerative medicine is evolution of the modern medicine. DR Pascal J. Goldschmidt, dean of the University of Miami School of Medicine a pioneer institute of research in regenerative medicine, te... ... middle of paper ... ...he treatment takes many years to reach the market and the profit gain by Research companies is low. On the brighter side this is not the case in everywhere. Japan is not only focusing on proper funding of research and development of Regenerative Medicine, but it also has passed revised Pharmaceutical affairs laws (Miyata). These laws are favorable for rapid development of this field by reducing the time for clinical trial required to evaluate safety instead the product is sold for some time is tested for its effectiveness. Then the post-sale results are used to determine the need of further to ensure safety and effective (Miyata). Soon enough other developed countries like US and European countries will realize the importance of Regenerative Medicine will adopt similar approaches like Japan’s to make efficacious use of Regenerative Medicine in improving health care.

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