Importance of Philosophers

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Importance of Philosophers

Philosophers are known for the expression of their thoughts and this makes life enjoyable for numerous people in the world. Philosophers are generally referred das thinkers who search for the hidden meanings of hidden things and finally nurture the agenda using a systematic approach of views. Philosophers recognize the fragility of the society people stays and still contribute their thoughts and share with the rest of the world. They use their experiences to provide lessons for the whole world and try to save other vulnerable people from world immoralities (Marquez, 2011). Many philosophers worldwide are educated way beyond degree even though they assert that a degree cannot make a philosopher. It is comparative to not the beauty of philosophers as they are all different in relation to their contributions in the world. Philosophers are great people who live a hidden life between the habitats of a society. This research paper focuses on one great philosopher of the world called Socrates.


There is no clear indication of the when Socrates was born. The existing contributions from his students conflict one another. However, he was married to Xanthippe and they had three sons namely; Sophroniscus, Lamprocles and Menexenus. While he was still active, he was accused of having radicalized youths by corrupting their minds. He is alleged to have died from poisoning which came as a result of his death sentence.

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing," this is a famous quote that described Socrates, the great Greek philosopher. He is widely recognized for his dialogues and work of the students he taught. He had great followers as Xenophon and Plato. Socrates was the founding father of ...

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