Importance of Individuality

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Without the slightest of hesitation, many choose to change who they are in order to fit in. A person may change to fit in with a certain group of friends or so they are able to live as the government wants. No matter the situation, the process of change appears to be a daily event. The fact that many speak out so they do not have to change the person they are is a daily event as well, though. This very theme, the importance of individuality, is dominant not only in today's world but in Ray Bradbury's “Fahrenheit 451”, John Knowles’ “A Separate Peace”, and Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, also. In “Fahrenheit 451”, the majority of the population does not see that they have no choice as to who they want to be. Why? Every person in the population knows what is to happen if they do question the authority. These people’s fear has practically driven them to insanity. All government receives their power through the people of which they rule. The government knows that if the people were to refuse them, they would be nothing. Those who willingly accept their government’s actions are in turn granting the government power and giving them the privilege of telling others what to do. Therefore, conformity is a source of power. In “Fahrenheit 451”, the major authority takes away all possibilities of the population gaining knowledge which in turn will give them power to turn against their leaders. The removal of useful knowledge, which in this case is books, leaves many very ignorant to the fact that they are being controlled and brainwashed. Those who refuse to go against this ignorance are like "The faces of saints in a strange church ... whose enameled faces mean nothing," (Bradbury, 95). Another example of the problem of conformity in “Fa... ... middle of paper ... ...act that individuality was not allowed in their town. Not only in all literature is individualism shown throughout, but also in today’s world. Every day brings a new being to this world. Whether they choose who they are or let others choose for them is completely their decision. One’s destiny is based solely on the decisions that one individual makes. Everyone is an individual. Even those who choose to conform are individuals. Now not choosing to see this is what leads to a life full of pleasing others and changing who you are so others will see you as a likeable person. Individuality is of the utmost importance where ever one may choose to go. The theme of the importance of individuality not only in books, but also in our world, has now been represented. Works Cited Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury. A Separate Peace. John Knowles. Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare.
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