Importance of External Auditors

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The aim of this essay is to study the function of external auditors in order to analyze why it is important to be independent. The primary mission of external auditors is to review and evaluate all the financial records of a company or corporation. They provide an objective opinion on the organization’s financial statement and effectiveness of the accounting polices in order to help management to make decisions. If the independence of the external auditors is impaired, the public will doubt the quality of professional auditing services, and the consequence would be very serious, just like the bankruptcy of Enron led to the disorganization of Arthur Andersen, once a giant accounting company in the world. In order to maintain and increase the independence of external auditors, some activities should be undertake to avoid the overdue market competition in professional accounting industry and enhance the supervising ability of the regulators. .What follow is a detailed analysis of the association between external auditors and companies.

The discussion on the importance of independence for external auditors

Audit is a process to evaluate and review the accounts and financial statement objectively. We can divide it into internal auditors and external auditors. Internal auditors have a inner knowledge of business process. Auditor has access to the much confidential information and all levels of management. But they may lose their judgement and they are not acceptable by the shareholder. “The overall objective of the external auditors is to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, and to report on the financial statements in acco...

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...pendence, whether pro forma or substantially, the quality of professional assurance service of professional accountants will be doubted by public and that will probably lead to serious results. The factors affecting independence of external auditors are multiple. Market competition among external auditors and the imperfection of laws regulated the external auditing industry are tow of most important factors. In order to maintain and guarantee the independence of external auditors and try to avoid the scandals like Arthur Andersen, some research on how to improve and maintain the independence of external auditors are necessary. It is possible for researchers to put emphasis on how to control the market competition among auditing organizations and enhance the ability of accounting regulators to supervise and manage the professional accounting industry in the future.