Importance of Architectural Engineering

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Since we live in an advanced world, engineers are extremely necessary. Engineering has been around since the beginning of history, and it is important to know and realize that engineers play a big part in civilizing, and advancing the world we live in today. Even though there are different specialties in the engineering field, I believe that all engineers have the same goal: find the best and safest solution to a problem in society, and come up with an effective design that will assist people in their everyday life. This research will mainly focus on the purpose, and importance of architectural engineering; to be specific, why is architectural engineering important/ necessary in today’s society? Architectural engineers are extremely necessary in today’s society because our buildings become more complex, they keep the environment safe, and possess the knowledge and qualifications to lead project teams.
I find that a clear and straight forward explanation of architectural engineering is hard to find. Because I want to become an architectural engineer, I have been looking for information on architectural engineering, and I found very little information about this profession in particular. It would only be logical to conclude that this profession is still young and unknown. Due to the lack of information provided, a lot of people think that architectural engineering is the exact same thing as other engineering, such as structural, and civil engineering. In order to inform people with correct and convincing information, I have to work with credible sources. With this essay I aim to inform people, especially students, who are interested in architectural engineering with a clear explanation about this profession, so they can have a be...

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