Importance Of Yoga Education Essay

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Students are a valuable asset of any country or community as they are the future citizen. It is necessary to take care of their intelligence and well being. Scientist says that the students have many unexplained and unexpressed problems; they cannot express their problem correctly because of their growing age and hesitation. The advancement of the technology is coming into the new syllabus and it is coming with the information overload. Competitions, exams and tests not only manifests into academic anxiety and examofobia, it also manifest into regression and guilt. Practice of Yoga not only help to keep the mental body strong and supple but also incorporate mental activities, disciplines that help to develop attention and concentration and…show more content…
It can prepare the students physically and mentally for the integration of their physical, mental and spiritual faculties so that the students can become healthier, saner and more integrated members of the society and of the…show more content…
This would require about 480 sessions. For details of core learning, skill learning. Yoga education can enhance all the activities of the students, be it academic or sport or social. Yoga techniques provide improved attention in studies, better stamina and co-ordination for sports and a heightened awareness and balanced attitude for social activity. Yoga education can be integrated in school education during the time set aside for P.T. but in a calm and quiet place creating the proper atmosphere for its proper study and practice. Clear concepts are necessary in teaching Yoga. Yoga practices can be built around concepts like conditioning (preparation), synchronization, concentration, relaxation, self-reliance. (These have been elaborated in “Teaching Yoga” – a publication of The Yoga Institute. Yoga teaching/learning should be experience based, i.e. the student should gain direct experience of the subject taught. Here the skill and knowledge of the teacher come into full play. A dedicated and dynamic teacher can create an atmosphere for learning. The teacher should have a deep experience of the concept he is teaching. Moreover, he can teach only what he knows. The teacher should have good rapport with the students. The teacher should be trained and experienced in knowing the physical and psychological needs of the students in various age groups. As Yoga deals with life and learning, these concepts should be integrated

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