Importance Of Writing Essay

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Essays, Essays, Essays (A Socratic discussion on the importance of essays for high school students) Writing an essay every week is defiantly preparing me for life. Every Sunday afternoon I have to take away time with my family so that I can pass English with this great essays. If I didn’t have to write essays then I would have to spend time with my family, and who wants to do that, especially their last year at the house. Not me, it has been pumped into my brain that essays are way more important than spending time with my family. I have to sit all alone in my room with my laptop, and the only noise that I hear is the air coming out of my laptop and the tears coming down my face. Essays are a wonderful waste of time for three reasons, thinking is essential, strengthen finger muscles, and keep the paper companies in business. To begin, thinking is an essential part of growing up. When we go to school for five days a week, and then have to do homework the entire weekend, which includes writing essays, our brains never really get a break. Compared to school is like Italy, we are very ...
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