Importance Of Writing A Nursing Journal

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I cannot say that I have thought about writing for a nursing journal; however, I have thought about writing short stories and I have done that a time or two. The style of writing that interests me the most is creative, because I can make the world anyway I want it to be. Although I have never thought of medical writing in the past, it is not completely out of the question. The more I learn about writing, the more I like it. I am certain it would take many hours for me to construct something that someone else would be interested in reading, and I think if given enough time that I could conquer the task. Formal tone is not one of my strong suits, but I am able to put it on paper when it is necessary. A professional writer has both, passion and…show more content…
If what I want to say has already been said multiple times and in multiple ways, it probably does not need to be said again. Perhaps, something new has developed about the previously discussed subject; that would be something to write about. I would jot down my thoughts and begin the search for a journal that is interested in what I am thinking about.
Once I had located the journal (or journals) that is currently highlighting my area of interest, I would research what the guidelines are to submit a piece of work to them. I would take notes and be sure to follow the guidelines as closely as I could. The editors are very busy people and I would not want to waste their time or discredit myself by not following the rules. After I located a journal(s) that I thought would be interested, the hard work of constructing a fabulous paper would
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Again, reminding myself to keep the writing simple and appropriate. It is best to write what comes to mind on the first draft and edit/revise at a later time, this ensures that I won’t forget important information that I wanted to include in the piece. Spelling, grammar, and tone can be modified after my initial thoughts are noted. Once I have written all I think I need to write, then revision would begin. This is when the spell-checking, grammar-checking, and tone-checking will need to be the focus. I would finish the sentences I started and ensure that what I wrote made sense and flowed well. I would finish the writing and find some people to read what I had written. Opinions, other than mine, are more important in this phase. If it makes sense to them, is written in a professional tone, and is something that should be shared, I would move forward in attempting to get the piece published. If not, I would sit back down and revise the piece some more. Often times, others find mistakes and errors that I cannot see myself. It is always a good idea to have others proofread my projects. Once my piece has obtained the seal of approval of myself and others, I would submit my work to the journal that I have chosen. It is a good idea to submit pieces to only one journal at a time, having multiple journals interested in a piece of work creates an unethical situation. Once declined by an editor, I am free to submit the
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