Importance Of Work Life Balance Policies And Performance

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CHAPTER THREE RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES AND PROCEDURES 3.1 Purpose of the study: This research is intended to obtain the impact of work life balance practices over the performances of the employees. In an organization there are various family-friendly practices which are implemented in order to help employees to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. In recent year work life balance has emerged as a topic of great interest for researchers, academicians and organizations as well because it acts as a source of various benefits for the organization and individuals as well. This paper tries to find out that does performance of the employees increase/decrease due to any changes in their policies or not? Are organizations accomplishing the goals they want their policies to reflect? In short a relationship between the Work life balance policies and performance is measured with the help of taking satisfaction as a middle variable. 3.2 Objectives of the Study The objectives of this study are to:- • To understand the work life balances policies in private organizations. • To know the importance of work life balance policies both for employees and organization. • To find out the factors responsible for work life imbalance/work life balance for employees • Impact of work life balance on employee satisfaction and their performance. 3.3 Research Design The research conducted is a Descriptive research followed by a causal research because there was a well-defined problem to administer .The study was sought to determine the relationship among the two variables namely Work-life Balance policies and Job Performance for which a questionnaire was designed to collect the data whose reliability was tested with the help ... ... middle of paper ... ...onflict act as a mediator in the linkage between practices and performance? Does work life balance practices helps in improving performance only when levels of management support are high, or when the organizational environment is supportive of work-life issues? Is social exchange Could be the mechanism through which provision of practices changes into enhanced job-related attitudes and behaviours? This review has tried to draw different insights and research directions from the previous literature on work-life balance practices and their relationship to organizational performance. In ascertaining all the routes between work-life practices and organizational performance either planned or implied by current research, by recognizing processes at the level of individual and of the organization, and by identifying mediators and moderators that effect these linkages.
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