Importance Of Women In Society

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Women from a very long time have been a basis and centre of interest. However, it is only in the past few decades that her value and importance has come to be recognised and women have came to be regarded as holding an important human place in the society. Earlier to this change in the universal male chauvinist approach and outlook to women under the patriarchal economy, for century’s man lorded and ruled over women treating her as his property. Men did not even perceive or recognise any need to understand her, but merely took women for granted.
As a result women had no identity, uniqueness and individuality of her own, barely any economic independence and scarcely any opportunities to apprehend her ambitions. Even today in many places, hardly any effort is made to address the women’s question in proper perspective, to study the place of women in family, in community or society, or to give her place in the social order. Till Date some women are trampled under male chauvinism and suppressed by patriarchy.
All the way through history women have always been looked upon subordinate and secondary to men. Centuries ago Women realised that they need to take a stand for themselves and began fighting for equal rights. In the early times of 1600’s, French women began holding salon where educated and knowledgeable women could interact uniformly or equally with men. Women’s rights movements were also influenced by the Revolutionary War and the French Revolution in the late 1700s. Then, in the 1800s, women began fighting harder to achieve equal rights. The incident which brought in a significant change in Feminism was that When Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth a Cady Stanton were deprived and denied of seats in the World Anti-Slavery Convent...

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...othesis of a female reader that gives a new and innovative perspective to a given text. Feminist Critique focuses its attention on the images, descriptions and stereotypes of women in literature, omission and misconception and false impression about women and gaps in male constructed literary history. Ezra Ben, an prominent women writer and she was not included in the literary canon.
Women have always analysed and interpreted the works of male authors to know as to how the male authors have projected Women Characters in a stereotypical way and on the basis of Pre-conceived notion. When the Male Authors misrepresents women in their works then the readers of that work gets manipulated and exploited as they are made to believe that what the male author has wrote is right. Understanding of the reader gets affected by the misrepresentation of women by male writers.
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