Importance Of Wild Life

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i) Cultural value:- Wild life is a source of inspiration to poets and artists to compose poems and songs and to make paintings and sculptures. Many animals have contributed to idioms, proverbs and poems. In India the wildlife has a close connection with various religions also.

2.4 Causes of extinction of species:- There are various factors, which have contributed to the extinction of different species of flora and fauna. Some of the factors responsible for extinction of species are as under:
a) Destruction of Habitats:- The destruction of the natural habitat is the most serious threat to the wild life. De-forestation deprives the wild life of its shelter and food. It reduces the area of their movement and retards
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Water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution have adversely affected the wild life.

c) Population growth:- Population growth is a major threat to conservation efforts in many developing nations. The population pressures threaten parks and protected land. The impoverished peasantry is forced to depend on a dwindling natural resource base. The people with traditional rights on forests continue to destroy flora and fauna and thus affect the wild life.

d) Hunting:- Hunting of animals for food, safety and pleasure has been in practice ever since the appearance of the man. Large number of species of wild life has vanished due to hunting of animals. Some people use hunting as a sports whereas others like tribes use hunting as a means of their livelihood.

e) Forest fires:- Many a times the forest fires, which may be intentional or by mistake, have been responsible for causing the extinction of several species of wild life in the
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The largest single factor in the depletion of the wealth of animal life in nature has been the “civilized man” operating directly through excessive commercial hunting or, more disastrously, indirectly through invading or destroying natural habitats.”

2.5 Some methods of poaching in India:- Criminals use a variety of tools and methods to poach wild species. Some of the commonly known methods are listed below:-
a) Firearms:- It targets most mammals especially elephants, rhinos, birds etc. Shooting remains a popular tool for poaching wild animals and birds. The choice of weapon depends upon the target species and its value. Some of the privately owned weapons such as 12 bore single or double barrelled guns and 315 rifles are usually the weapons of choice. In the interior areas of the country, use of muzzle loader guns are still prevalent.
Guns make a lot of noise and can help pinpoint a scene of crime. Hence, they are generally used only when the species is of sufficiently high
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