Importance Of Vocation

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Whether a person is religious or not, everyone has a vocation, and they may not even know it. To an individual who does not have a religious affiliation, a sufficient way to introduce the concept of vocation is to compare it to a profession, what you feel inclined to be or do in life. Though it is much more than just a simple career; in most Christian religions, it is a call from God to do something important. The literal meaning of vocation is ‘call,’ from the Latin word vocare. Once you know your vocation, it is set for life. It is not so much as what you want to be, but what God wants you to be. Whether it’s a religious vocation, a vocation to help people by practicing medicine, or by spreading inspiration through the written word, everyone…show more content…
Many times in life people are astonishingly skilled in one area, and this is tied back to vocation. A profession or career is something you go through extensive training for, the skills are not there to begin with. With vocation, the skills are embedded into the soul and mind of the person and the profession chooses you, not you choose the profession. It may feel like just because you are well-versed in music or are fluent in the language of mathematics that you would choose to go into a career field having to do with this skill, but if you already had a particular set of skills that you seemingly developed on your own, then the career chose you, and in turn, you received a…show more content…
Paul. Many people don’t even know he had a job of tent making, specifically to make money to support his greater vocation. His vocation, which many people may be familiar with, was helping both Jews and Gentiles understand that Jesus Christ was the true Messiah. Unless you avidly read and study the Bible, you probably weren’t even aware of Paul’s tent making job. His vocation completely overshadows his occupation; he is known to be a great disciple of Jesus and a teacher, not a tent maker. It is not your occupation that ultimately defines you as an individual, but your vocation. This is because vocation is virtually your purpose in the universe, as we have already discussed as a class, and occupation is something needed to make your vocation a success, not near significant enough to be classified as a
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