Importance Of Vocabulary In Learning English Language

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1.1. Background of the study
Nowadays, English is one of the most popular languages all over the world. In Vietnam, English also plays an important role in people’s life because this country is in a stage of development and globalization. Many foreign companies invest in Vietnamese market. This is a good opportunity for learners of English to find good jobs. Therefore, it is necessary for people to study English. However, it is not easy to master English since there are several difficulties in the process of learning. Vocabulary is a typical one.
Vocabulary plays an influential part in learning English. Wilkins (1987) declares that one can express a few things even when one has no grammar; however, one could not express anything without word. Krashen (1987, as cited in Lewis, 1993, p. iii) also says this to prove the importance of vocabulary: when students travel, they carry dictionaries instead of a grammar book. Vocabulary is extremely important in the process of learning English. It is an essential part in the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In these skills, if learners lack lexical knowledge, they cannot demonstrate how well they acquire the language. With it, they feel more confident in attending a listening comprehension test or an oral
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2-3) adapt five teaching steps of drawing mind mappings. First, the teacher introduces a topic and wrote on the board. Next, he/she models and teaches with the whole class. In this step, the teacher asks the students to list all the words, identifies the related words with the teacher‘s help; draws a topic in the middle of the circle; and groups the words in their category. Then, the teacher guids practice with partners. The students can practice independently, and then compare with their friends. Finally, the teacher generalizes the situation the students can use semantic
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