Importance Of Visual Literacy

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Visual literacy is the capability to critically understand and interpret images. Images are made to convince readers about messages placed by the authors. Images are like printed text so they can be read. Visual literacy communicates through a process of reading and interpretation. “This view identifies literacy practices as a set of purposeful events mediated by written texts and embedded in the broader social goals and cultural practices of particular groups. “Literacy, therefore, is not a single set of generic reading and writing skills, and it can mean different things to different people at different times” (Rethinking Academic Literacies, pg. 2). Visual literacy is the understanding of the exchange of communication through images, the…show more content…
It is important to teach the younger generation to communicate using visual literacy. Using visual literacy is improving their way of learning by making them able to interpret images. The younger generation mostly stays glued to the television and all the shows have a message to bring forth. With proper assistance and teaching, they can be able to know how to point out visual literacy while watching a TV show. They only get the scene knowing it is funny by seeing one of the characters fall, laugh or did something wrong. “English teaching is to be divided into three main streams: study of language, development of literature and the study of literacy. Professor Peter Freebody, of the University of Sydney, who worked on the development of the English curriculum, said students would be supported for longer to ensure they had the necessary literacy skills to allow them to progress through their education” (Rudd, Kevin). It will help them to progress on to secondary school and make them able to understand an image use in a textbook. “We wanted to help children to acquire the life skills they need to view films critically," said Stephen Apkon, the Burns Center 's founder and executive director. "We also wanted to help children to lead more examined lives” (Zoepf, Katherine). Even in the Westchester school district, their promoting visual literacy by making the students and teachers attend a pilot program for See Hear Feel Film, a film-literacy curriculum designed for the third
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