Importance Of Visual Art In Teaching

“Human beings intuit, symbolize, think, and express themselves through dance, music, theatre, and visual art” (Bynoe, Colby 2011). In a future I plan to inspire children and youth, especially my students to love and appreciate the arts. As a future teacher, I will integrate all the VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) to make the lessons more interesting and to benefit the students. One of the major VAPA I am taking into consideration to use in my future career is visual art. Visual Art could benefit students by improving thinking, accessing emotion, processing information and healing trauma (Bynoe, Colby 2011). I plan to use visual art in my future lesson plans considering that since I was little I used art as a creative form to represent my…show more content…
Art integration in a class could motivate students to communicate their thoughts and ideas through a certain art such as a drawing. Art work could be used as an important method to demonstrate feelings and convey an emotional message. Art could support many students by communicating easier throughout the art instead of verbally. Imagination could also be transferred in art and could help students think visually (Cornett, 2011).Thinking visually has been seen in young children since a small age. For the reason that before you could even read you had an extraordinary observation skills towards artwork (Cornett, 2011). Artwork improves comprehension of a certain topics or work without using the literacy of words (Cornett, 2011). In order for the students to understand the visual idea or message, the art is trying to convey they need to be creative. Visual art is extremely important and used by most people when they think about a future or remember the pass. When planning or remembering something most of the society uses their brain to create mental pictures (Cornett, 2011). “In fact, thinking relies on images and learning relies on thinking; therefore, visual art integration employs an important strength of the human brain that is central to communication” (Gambrell & Koskinen, 2002; Sadoski & Paivio, 2001; Tompkins, 2003). Visualizing art or pictures could develop motivation and…show more content…
In a future I plan to inspire my students and other children to love art. I plan to accomplish this goal by helping them understand and see the beauty of art. Students admiration towards art could start by discovering art such as doing hands on and touching the materials (Cornett, 2011). By visualizing art students could learn and discover the meaning of the art. Having the students observe a type of art could help them imagine and make them use their smell and sound senses (Cornett, 2011). For instance, when observing a piece of art that contains a beach you could begin to imagine yourself in that area. While imagining yourself in that situation you could begin to hear the waves and smell the salty sea. It is important for students and teachers to take inconsideration the aesthetic senses when visualising art. If the aesthetic senses is used while observing an art the visualizer could respond emotional, mental, and physical (Cornett, 2011). Having the students use visual art could create personal meaning by using perspective and prior knowledge (Cornett, 2011). In some situations aesthetic could benefit students who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally by applying aesthetic stimuli (Cornett, 2011). Having the ability for student to understand aesthetic stimuli could create an inner sense of

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