Importance Of Visibility In Aviators

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Introduction Visibility is the most important weather factor to all aviators since it takes a part in essential role in takeoffs, approaches, and landings. Visibility is defined as the aviator's ability and possibility to identify and spot the objects during the day and night over hundreds of miles, meters, and feet. Low ceilings and poor visibilities have lead to many aircraft accidents. Fog, heavy snow, heavy rain, ash clouds, blowing sand, and blowing dust all control the visibility and result in low ceilings. In order to understand the topic in a better way, below are the definitions of both terms “Visibility” and “Ceiling”: • Visibility: the range in which aviator can define and see the objects. • Ceiling: the height of the closest…show more content…
Higher altitudes can also increase the possibility of ice formation either on the wings, which can limit the aircraft’s ability to produce lift, or on sensors which track airspeed and altitude. Higher altitude air is also harder to breathe, which is why aircraft are pressurized.  How the particular weather phenomenon can be avoided? How it's observed, reported and predicted? And how pilots get informed about it in the atmosphere or on the ground? Satellites, weather balloons and ground radar have been used to both forecast future weather and update current conditions for decades. Ground-based weather radars transmit a signal, then detect and analyze the returning echo to assess the size and concentration of water droplets as well as wind speed. Because weather patterns can form and dissipate quickly, and weather analysis can be difficult at longer distances, aircraft are being increasingly equipped with on-board systems called Airborne Weather Avoidance Radar (AWAR). While AWAR is useful for a pilot to get nearby weather information, it is also limited in both the direction and range at which it can detect wind or rain. In addition to weather detection and avoidance technology, communications systems are a key tool for pilots to receive and share

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