Importance Of Verbal Communication

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Verbal and non-verbal communication is conveying information from one place to another. Verbal communication is when information or messages are communicated or exchanged through words. There are two types of verbal communication consisting of written and oral communication. Verbal communication involves ‘face-to-face conversations, group discussions, counselling, interview, radio, television, calls, memos, letters, reports, notes and email’ (The Business Communication, 2017) .Whereas, non-verbal communication are information or messages that are exchanged or communicated without any verbal communication. The process of non-verbal communication is sending and receiving wordless messages. ‘Non-verbal communication is a prevailing weapon in face-to-face…show more content…
Non-verbal communication takes place though gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, physical proximity and touching’ (The Business Communication, 2017).There are seven principles of communication utilised whilst communicating and that is a package of signals, a process of adjustment, involvement of content and relationship dimensions, is ambiguous, sequences are punctuated, involvement of symmetrical and complementary transactions and lastly communication is inevitable, irreversible and unrepeatable. Furthermore, there will always be constraints to effective communication regardless of how well a business is…show more content…
Errors and unintentional harm to patients occur when ineffective communication is present. Active listening compels health professionals to comprehend that their staff and patients are important. ‘In general, health professionals listen to their staff’s ideas and have the ability to draw out their best advice. It is certain when leaders allocate time to listen actively, they build trust and commitment in their work and this is different from one-way communication and issuing orders to people. Health professionals with better listening attitudes and skills enhance their communication with subordinates, which could result in the subordinates’ perceiving that they have more support, which causes them to feel better about their work and their employer’ (Kohpeima Jahromi, Tabatabaee, Esmaeili Abdar & Rajabi, 2017). Thus, if businesses want to be successful, they should gather feedback from their employees and
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