Importance Of Turning Point In My Life

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Turning Point in My Life
The first time in my life I never thought this would ever happen to me after I was forced to have an abortion in the year 1996. So I went through high school and graduated in May 1998. My mother had set me an account on signal line of Chattanooga. I told her she was crazy but she must have thought I would never will find the right guy to marry me. So I met this guy on May 23, 1998. We went on serval dates and we decided to get married on October 22, 1998. So we married and lived with his parents for a long time on the Mowbry Mountain in Soddy-Daisy. While I was there I had gotten a job for a cleaning service in April, 1999 a year later I found out I was pregnant with my son in November 21, 2001. He was born on June
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I asked her why she did that. Well her answer was she did it to find me a guy that is right for me and she would send them to my email after she talk to them. Most of the guys she sent me was okay but, then when she did a background check on them she tells me they aren’t that good they had did bad stuff and there married etc. So here I go saying okay then why are you sending them to me if their doing this stuff? Well my son and I was planning on going to see my nieces and have a great time. Then later after we gotten back from our trip my mom called me up and asked me if I got her email and I said no why well I have been talking to this guy and his name is Scott and started telling me about him I said okay. So one day my son and I was out shopping we stop and got a frozen yogurt at Sweet Frogs on Hwy 153. So I ask my son if he wanted to meet one of my friends he said sure why not. So I called Scott up and ask if he wanted to meet he said okay where at so I told him and from then on we have been together since. He took us to the Chattanooga Lookouts games and to Rock…show more content…
It’s like he has been there the whole time for him. We went on our first family vacation to Mertal Beach South Carolina it was very fun seen all kinds of stuff. We also went to Orlando Florida and seen down town Disney. I didn’t ever want to leave Disney because that’s my favorite place in the world.
After we gotten back from our trips my husband lost his job for three months it was very hard but we got through it. His friend said he got him a job for him so he took it. So later on this year my son and I had surgery on the same week. Mine was unsuspected but my son was planned to do his. Then while I have been taking care of my son I lost my job. I don’t think it was right for them to fire me but in a way I am cool with it. Now I can focus on my college classes and help my son out the best I can.
My husband and I had to take a trip while my son was at my mom’s house we had to see our friends in California. We found out that his cancer came back for the turn so he wanted to go to one more LA Dodgers Game with his friends and out to eat and show me around since I have never been there before. Rocky died on October14, 2015 a week later after we left. It was very hard for my husband but I am glad that I here for
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