Importance Of Trust Essay

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Trust is a word that is hard to define. Trust is the foundation of all relationships means knowing that when you are talking to someone, you believe they are telling the truth. It means knowing that you can count on someone to be there for you when you need them. People build trust by doing the things they say they are going to do. Trust is a quality that is demonstrated by being consistent over time and it is important because without trust, relationships will break down.
Trust is developed over time because when you first get to know someone, it takes time to learn how that other person is. You might trust someone enough to tell them a little about yourself, but you might not invite them to your house until you get to know them better. Friendships at school often begin when students find out they have shared
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For example, you would trust your girlfriend who goes to a different school to not cheat just because you're not always there together. If one person cheats, lies, or breaks a promise then it is hard to forgive and even harder to trust them again. Even if the other person apologies and you forgive them, that creates room for doubt. As time goes on, you might learn to trust them again but sometimes it is too hard to forget and move on. Another example of how breaking trust can ruin a relationship is when one friend steals from another. I often let my friends come over to my house, this is a sign of my trust for they will not steal anything I possess. If someone was to steal some of my money I wouldn't be able to trust them enough to be in my house again.This would most likely not end our friendship but we most definitely wouldn't be as close as we were before.The final example of how broken trust can crumble a relationship is when you trust someone to keep your secrets but they go around telling other people what you said in confidence. It is very hard to trust someone again when they have betrayed
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