Importance Of Transformational Leadership And Knowledge Management

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Transformational Leadership and Knowledge Management

In this era, that we called knowledge workers era, knowledge is extremely important in order to gain sustainable competitive advantage according to Yaghoubi (2014). Organization can obtain, capture and utilize knowledge with the help of management to protect and keep the sustainability in long period. Knowledge management is use to maintaining success of organization. Knowledge management is process of creating and developing knowledge in organization with systematically effort to find, to create, to make access and to apply all intangible resources and to flourish the learning process in organization.
It is a complex and time consuming, it requires precise and clear understanding every
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Knowledge sharing is process that happen in organization to make knowledge accessible and can acts as a basis for innovation in the future. Creating and sharing knowledge is possible when the members of organization willing to synergies from combination different background of experience and education. Knowledge sharing can be called knowledge transfer with the process spreading throughout the organization and spreading across individuals, groups that use any kind of communication channels, which have several pillars according Alavi and Leidner (2001), such as: know the value of the knowledge, willingness of the source to share knowledge, media richness of communication channels, willingness to get knowledge and ability to recover…show more content…
Social resources, especially trust is consistent role within knowledge sharing, including create implicit or tacit knowledge. Transformational leader can facilitate and encourage the creation and sharing knowledge. Leaders use motivation to inspire the followers when contacting with them. Leaders can determine the high standard for groups’ members to do things beyond norms. Employee perhaps attempts to find new ways alone or with their fellow to perform tasks and solve problems in organization and this means to create and share knowledge
Transformational leaders encourage members of organization to be creative and innovative by challenge their own assumptions, traditions, personal beliefs, solve issues and finding new methods. Development of creative ideas plays a substantial role in creating new knowledge because employee can create new knowledge by blending effective and new knowledge. Finally, transformational leaders focus on individual consideration to provide learning platform with supportive atmosphere and people are encourage and support to make them willing to share and to make other people get access in the public
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