Importance Of Trait Leadership In Shakespeare By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare Quote Trait Leadership is defined as leaders who are born with an innate ability to guide others and get followers naturally, this enables them to excel in leadership roles without much problem. Being born with an innate ability also has nothing to do with bloodline or lineage, a natural born leader can be from anywhere so long as they understand how to use what they have been given. With the ability to easily gain followers due to a natural ability of action as a leader, trait leaders who understand the position as well as having knowledge about the forms of leadership and how to use their power, will become a great leader no matter where they are from. Situational leadership is defined as a person who is put into a position with…show more content…
Diana 's death brought her country to a state of depression, Yet the Queen kept herself and her family “safely” in the grounds of the vacation estate. Believing that the country would forget about the situation and move on soon enough. She originally thought of parting the flowers to allow the rotation of the guard but once her butler mentioned otherwise she changed her mind. She only saw Diana as a family member, one that she disowned, and yet couldn’t bring herself to connect with her people. It took to the moment Tony explained she was being hated, and causing people to want to disband the monarchy completely. Once she finally made her choice it still seemed as though she didn 't truly have any emotions. The four ways leaders gain credibility from followers are, Ownership, Inspiration, Commitment, and Respect. Each of these allow a leader to show off their skills in many ways allowing them to be one with their followers. To be able to gain respect and inspire others, means a leader is able to connect with their followers. To commit to the work means they work with their followers, and to be an owner of their own actions allows them to accept their mistakes and learn from them, teaching followers in a new way.
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