Importance Of Tourism In Kenya

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2.0 Definition of homestay.
Home stay is a unique hospitality system in which the tourist stays with the family as a member of the family. It aims at equipping the tourist with the knowledge of the host’s way of life such as the agricultural system, folk arts, sculptures sports and cuisine. (Minister of tourism of Republic of Kenya)
2.1 Relationships of tourism and homestay
From the last six decades, the tourism industry has become the largest and fastest growing economic sector according to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) that experiences continue growth and diversification. Tourism has become a main component for socio- economies for many countries. From all countries in the world, tourism has generated whole countries output of US $3.5 trillion and expected to increase to US $7.0 trillion by 2015 (World Travel and Tourism Council, 2009). The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has expected that tourism industry is bright in the future as they estimate that one billions of tourists in each year will travel to other countries. Moreover, the economic potential of tourism in less developed countries has been identified as an important contributing factor to global tourism growth (Palmer 2002; Honey 1999; Ashley & Reo 1998; Mowforth & Munt 1998).
In Malaysia, manufacturing has become the largest contributor to economy followed by the second contributor that is tourism sector. Through the developing and promoting tourism product, Malaysia has caught the eye of the world by it tourism sector. Malaysia has received 22.05 millions of tourists that produce RM 49.6 billion of total receipts only in year 2008. This result showed that a tourist arrival has increased 5.5% that lead to increasing of country revenue with 7.9%...

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...not be found. It is not surprising if homestay at its earliest stage was free as to honor the guest in line with the hospitality of the villagers. The kindness the turned into something that needs a reward in terms of money when the host began to feel the economic burden such as to provide meals when more tourist came and stayed at their house. This then expanded into a micro business type for the villagers. (Aminudin and A. Jamal, 2008)
From the paragraph above, it shows that homestay has started in the tourist spot and expanded because of high demand from them. The house hold started charged for the services that they give as it becoming business as they realize it can generate money for the services they provide to the guest.
2.3 development of homestay
Nowadays, the demand for homestay is due to more than the reason that is cultural tourism and rural tourism
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