Importance Of Tourism In Imphal

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Imphal is one of the beautiful tourist place located in the Manipur district of Northeast India. Imphal is slowly turning out to become popular tourist hotspots in Northeast India. The city located on a beautiful oval-shaped valley and bisected by several narrow rivers, the mesmerizing sight of the city is a delight to the travelers. The architectural forts, historical places and the green valleys, the rivers and hills surrounding the city present a beautiful sight for the tourists. Imphal has a number of historical significant places of tourism importance. These places and the natural beauty attract tourists from all around the world to Imphal. Some of the tourist places in Imphal include: War Cemeteries The Imphal war cemeteries are located around 10 kms from the airport in the Imphal-Dimapur road. These cemeteries were built in the memory of the British and Indian soldiers who sacrificed their life during the Second World War. The Commonwealth War graves Commission manages the cemeteries. Presently the cemetery holds 1600 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War. The cemetery is an important tourist attraction which tells us the story of the horrific World War that claimed the lives of several soldiers. Manipur Zoological Garden Located at the foothills of the pine hillocks in Iroisemba on the Imphal-Kanchup road around 6 kms to the west of Imphal city the Manipur Zoological Garden is famous for the brow antlered deer Sangai, one of the rarest animal species in the world. The garden was established on 2nd October 1976. The Manipur Zoological Garden covers an area of 8 hectares with an additional 2.13 hectares at Langol Reserve forest maintained for captive breeding of the Sangai. There are a number of rare animals and b... ... middle of paper ... ...usines in some of the best restaurants in Imphal like Fresh Point, Café Rita, Uptown cafe, Naoba's restaurant etc. Tourist can relax in some of the fine hotels in Imphal like Imphal Hotel, The Classic Hotel, State Guest House, Hotel Nirmala, Hotel White Palace, Hotel New Airlines, Hotel Prince, Hotel Tampha, Hotel Avenue. To know more about hotels in Imphal Click. Transporatation in Imphal Imphal is well connected by all the major means of transport, which includes airways,roadways and railways. The Imphal International Airport has all major domestic flights from different part of the country to Imphal. The nearest railway station for Imphal is in Dimapur in Nagaland. Imphal is well connected with the national highways within Manipur and the other states of the Northeast, Guwahati, Silchar, Nagaland and Manipur. To know more about transportation in Silchar Click.

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