Importance Of Tourism And Tourism

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Significance of tourism and hospitality

Tourism has enabled new waves on the world new horizon. Tourism has made the world a truly global village. It is among the fastest growing sectors in the economy and has significant impact on the environment, society and economy in both positive and negative ways. Tourism combines attraction, accommodation, transportation amenities, restaurant, entertainment activities and shopping.

It is one of the most important tools for economic development. It has contributed a lot towards the development of the Indian economy in the following ways.

a) Growth in the number of tourist every year: Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. In India tourism has seen exponential growth
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Tourism is often credited with contributing a significant amount of foreign exchange to the country.

Tourism triggers the revenue from transportation, hospitality, accommodation, entertainment, leisure activities, etc. It also plays a major role in developing the socioeconomic conditions of the country. Growth in the tourist often leads in inflow of foreign exchange earnings. Tourism also links indirectly with other sectors such as horticulture, agriculture, poultry, handicrafts and construction activities.

c) Boost foreign trade: Tourism is rising as one of the major force in global business. It boost foreign trade and leads to increase in the foreign exchange. It is also one of the largest export industry in the world. The impact of tourism on the economic growth is constantly rising due to increasingly growing size of the tourist market. Domestic tourism also play an important role in achieving the country’s objectives like promoting cultural, Social and national integration.

d) Cultural integration:

Culture is the most important lifeblood of tourism. Culture and tourism both have a significant relationship. Cultural tourism refers the person’s movement to cultural attractions that is away from their normal place of
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It also contributes tremendously to the protection of environment, conservation and helps in sustainable use of natural resources. Tourism also contributes in preserving wildlife.
f) Global recognition:
Tourism is a worldwide phenomenon that affects human society and the environment at large. The World Tourism Organization plays a very important role in promoting tourism. It also helps in providing subsidy, financial support and incentives to promote tourism globally. It is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing commercial activities with huge scope.
1.3 Hospitality in Bangalore
Recently, Bangalore has won the ‘best city to travel' award. It is blessed with a pleasant weather through the year. Bangalore city is no longer a pensioner's paradise. Bangalore is the IT hub of India which is also called as the silicon city. It has a large presence of IT and ITeS MNCs and domestic IT giants. The hospitality sector is booming in the city. The years of recession are clearly over, and in 2014-2015 alone the city could see 2000-2200 five-star category rooms being opened. Some big hospitality chains have opened their properties to guest in the recent years. Some of them were Vivanta by Taj in Yeshwantpur, Movenpick Hotel and Spa, Sheraton Grand Bangalore, Accor Group's Ibis Bengaluru Techpark, and Park Plaza Bengaluru (a joint
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