Importance Of Time Management Skills

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Seven time management skills necessary for effective time management are as followed. The first is staying organized. A clean workstation weather at home or at your place of work must maintain order. Without order there is only chaos.Keeping important files organized helps you retrieve them immediately and thus saves time which goes on unnecessary searching. Staple important documents together.Do not keep stacks of files and heaps of paper on your desk. Throw whatever you don’t need. Keep stationery items and your personal belongings like cell phone, car keys, wallet at their proper places.Develop the habit of using an organizer. Plan your day well in advance.Never write on loose papers. Keep a notepad and pen handy. The second is learning to prioritize.…show more content…
It’s too easy to get bent out of shape when something is out of the norm. Another example of poor time management is when the platoon went to Ft. East’s for the hurricane weekend (out of the norm) and i forgot my pt belt. All i had to do was double check or physically write down a packing list. Im sure there was an allowed time slot to pack but instead i was probably too busy on something too minor. Skill five is being a little Diplomatic. accepting everything which comes your way is a mistake. A polite “NO” in the beginning will save your character later. Appearances are everything. For me, delegating responsibilities to others at the end of a school day help as per their specialization and background. This way if everyone has a job to do they take more interest and eventually finish work on time. The sixth skill is Focus. Be a little focused and concentrate on work. Do not waste time by loitering and gossiping around. Do not take long personal calls while you 're in the middle of something. Finish off work and leave for the day on time. You will have ample time to catch up with your friends, log on to social networking sites, and play games on your phone. This is something i still need plenty of work on
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