Importance Of Theory In Social Work

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What is a theory? Why are theories important in social work practice? In social work fields, knowledge base has many sources. Especially with regard to what constitutes a social theory? Theory would be as: ‘A group of related hypotheses, concepts, and constructs, based on facts and observations, that attempts to explain a particular phenomenon’(Barker 1995: 336). An important characteristic of a theory is what goes beyond the descriptive to include explanations of why things (phenomena) happen. This can include ”a particular interpretation of whatever it seek to explain, whether that be plight of woman in society, racism schizophrenia, poverty, and so on"(Gray 2010:96-7) Social work in its daily practice is based on many theories, local and indigenous knowledge of its context based on evidence derived from the evaluation of various researches and studies, and a comprehensive view of biological, psychological and social factors. and interactions between humans and their environment.…show more content…
In the field of social work theories are not concepts abstract or far from reality, it is practically represent occur in our lives, that is, we can say that our theories determine what we are by a very large percentage. Modern Social Work Philosophies and Theories A philosophy is a world view, theory or assumption that seeks to explain reality or a situation. A social work philosophy or theory is in a class of its own as it seeks to explain why, what, when, where and how of a social or individual challenging problem. (Ani Casimir, Ejiofor Samuel, 6 November 2013) The operational practice of social action can be embodied through 1-Principles, theories and methods of practicing social
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