Importance Of Theoretical Orientation In Social Work

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This paper will discuss the importance of having a theoretical orientation when working with individuals, families, and treatment groups. One of the main reasons for a theoretical orientation is because it gives the social worker a framework of reference to understand the therapeutic needs of the client. It provides the social worker with a theory-based framework for generating hypotheses about the client’s experience and behaviors, which in turn helps prepare the basis for a specific treatment intervention. This paper will show the reader how social workers develop a theoretical orientation by first understanding assessing and understanding the client’s needs. For a social worker to been effective they must remember that they have to learn…show more content…
A social worker assists in decision making but does not make the decision. Help the client examine realistic options for solving the problem. Assess client’s ability to cope with issues by focusing on their strengths and weakness to form a realistic plan with client and to reframe the problem into a solvable issue and a potential growth situation. I would want a social worker that is genuine and knows how to be serious, humors, and comfortable enough to share themselves when it is for the betterment of the client. Although counselors are educated to be compassionate and nonjudgmental, one’s own ethical belief may be compromised. Because it appears that society’s way of thinking and opinions are easily influenced by their emotions and moral commitment. If attitudes are influenced by emotions, the stigmatizing of certain clients could occur by counselors. Counselors’ attitudes have important implications for their practice, which include unbiased quality of client care. Counselors should be aware of their own beliefs, biases, feelings, perceptions, and reactions and how their perspectives may affect the counseling session. The counselor who is in tune with personal attitudes, biases, and emotions has the ability to gauge her responses. Self-awareness also allows the counselor to provide unbiased empathy, understanding, and support. If the counselor…show more content…
They have to identify and challenge their belief systems by first addressing their defense mechanism, distorted thinking, and the lie and illusions that they have used and told themselves to continue to use drugs. Most of these clients have been abused so much that they now abuse themselves and think that they cannot do any better but it is my job to motivate them to want to do different and see themselves a special unique person that can go anywhere or do anything in life. I will continue to practice and train at my job and attend as many training as possible so that I can continue to work with individuals, their families and groups. I have supervision every week and I continue learn something different every
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