Importance Of The Student Exchange Program

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Sometime in April or maybe earlier than that I made the conscious decision to take part in the Student Exchange program my university (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) offered, I always wanted to go on exchange and was inspired by a friend of mine Toyin Oyatogun who seemed to have had a great time from her study abroad. I started the process which I must say was extremely tasking and stressful. I had very limited options mainly because of my program (communications), I had to choose from Nanyang Technological University Singapore and University of West Indies. After not so much debate, I decided on University of West Indies, St Augustine Campus, because for one i wanted to go somewhere a language barrier was not going to be a problem, I am also in love with the Caribbean culture and let 's be real the Caribbean’s have all the vibes. During the preparation process I almost pulled the plug several times from fear, worry, and doubt, but I pulled through lots of support and love from my friends and family. However, before I left there were lots of tears, I was going away from 4months to a place where I knew absolutely no one, and I was leaving my comfort zone.…show more content…
soca, dancehall, reggae, calypso, parang. Mehn i am going to miss not only partying in the Trinidad and Tobago but just jamming out and hearing songs on the streets and moving. Even the cultural drumming and dances like the bele, bongo etc. Can just getting you moving it’s amazing. I was so excited I got to take a dance class while I was in Trinidad, if anyone reading this is ever on exchange at UWI take “Caribbean dance”, it’s an amazing class, pretty hard, but yet still a great class. Not only did I get to learn and perform these dances I was able to learn about the history behind these dances, for example the Bongo dance which is a wake/funerary dance, or that Limbo is considered the national dance of Trinidad and

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