Importance Of The Sermon On The Mount

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In this paper, the writer will comment on the importance of the Sermon on the Mount and its teaching on Colossians 3:1-17.
Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount to the disciples to teach them compassion, evangelism and also to help him in the ministry, because he knew he could not do the ministry by himself.
The Sermon on the Mount is a model of an upright Christian lifestyle. When a man hears the word bless he only thinks of carnal things. Rarely do he thinks spiritually. Jesus wants his teaching to be taken in the heart and obeyed. As Christians, it is imperative that they know who they are in Christ to face persecutions and to live so they can impact the world; because when people see Christians, they should see Jesus. However, being part of the Kingdom should reflect the heart of Jesus and show mercy to people.
God requires more from the believer than living by a set of rules. God cares about the believers attitudes and motives. Jesus desire the followers to obey the word of God and respect one another in kindness.
Jesus is describing what the Christian life will be like in the kingdom
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The code of ethnic both teach the believers to be Christ-like to witness effectively to others in love. The only difference is Colossians tells the disciples what they have to let go of to walk circumspectly in Christ exhorting and worshipping Christ whereas the Sermon on the Mount based on the virtues of Colossians 3. gives a person permission to mourn, hunger and thirst, be poor in spirit, meek, persecuted and a
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