Importance Of The Image Of Nursing

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The image of nursing plays a vital part in determining the history and future of nursing. It forms the framework of guidelines and protocols for promoting and improving the role of nurses in the modern world. Also, this paper stresses on the change in appreciation of their roles which have been damaged in the past years. The area of nursing has been facing various stereotypes from the public due to misconceptions created by the media. Therefore, the image of nursing is critical to nurses in general because it helps to evaluate them on the previous perceptions which are helping them to self-evaluate as a way of improving the quality of patient care. This paper outlines the issue of the image of nurses as a way of encouraging the performance…show more content…
This is because they have a significant ownership and power in fostering change to the image of nursing practice. In light of this, the primary objective of the nursing profession is foreseeing an honest image in all interactions. Nurses play many roles which involve interactions with various people such as patients, clinical staff, families and public in general. For this reason, every nurse must participate actively in promoting professionalism. In supporting these attributes, nursing leaders, as well as related staff, play a vital role in shaping, impacting and promoting the image of nursing at large. In achieving this, the staffs and leaders must represent modern professional standards in their practices as a way of ensuring that nursing objectives and goals are attained. Leaders must emphasize and practice in ensuring that the image of nursing is perceived in a more progressive…show more content…
This problem varies from one field to another. In light of this, some of the standard categories of challenges facing this profession are related to research, working environment, advancements in technology, marketing policies and lack of re-orientation and training. To start, the growth of science and technology is playing a vital role in providing quality services to patient care. However, some of these innovations are relatively expensive to acquire and maintain. For this reason, this stops nurses from using this modern equipment in treating trending issues related to the field. Secondly, inadequate training is also another challenge facing the image of nursing. Some institutions lack teaching and learning resources for this practice (Huston,

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