Importance Of The Haitian Revolution Essay

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Haiti:The First Country to Abolish Slavery, For a Reason The Haitian revolution was a tough battle, but through revolting, the slaves were able to fight there way to freedom, and justifiably so. The slaves attacking the slaveholders was essential to their own liberation. This shows the importance of violence to the success of a revolution. After many years of exploitation and death, the slaves were able to strategically overtake the French. This was done using a variety of tactics, including violence when necessary. Haiti’s past had a large amount of different people, such as the French and Spanish competing for the land and the slaves had to go through much hardship before being freed. The island now known as Haiti went through many changes to become what it is right now and although it may seem desolate the improvements are drastic. It was initially settled by the Spanish, who established sugar plantations within.The Spanish imported slaves from Africa as the native slaves began to die from horrible conditions such as being overworked and disease spreading rampant. An article from the editors of…show more content…
One of those people was Boukman. He proved how strategic violence, and strength in numbers are the most effective ways to initiate change. Boukman got together many slaves to rebel, via the destruction of thousands of plantations and white slave owners. This was justified as the plantations were purposely killing slaves for their own benefit, and it needed to be stopped ( The Haitian Revolution: 1791-1804) (The editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica).Although some may argue that this violence wasn’t completely necessary, there are many reasons as to why it

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