Importance Of The Functionalist Perspective On Health

Functionalist Perspective on Healthcare In the event of an individual falling ill, we as a nation are very lucky to have such excellent Physicians. Sociology has a variety of different perspectives when it comes to the understanding of the honest purpose of healthcare. With the new era emerging with new technology, humans have become inattentive to the environment and health wellness. I will be explaining the importance of healthcare from the Functionalistic Perspective, targeting three main factors; sick role, gatekeeper and social class. Along with some interesting facts, and studies of the environments role in health within a community. Prior to, new technology and educational programs, a community couldn’t identify properly what the…show more content…
According to World Health Organization health is defined as “‘state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity’”. The terminology of “sick” and “well” is socially constructed from the community, family, friends, and work. Health is viewed differently on the demographic map, and communities. Gaining brighter insight into the use of health, we begin to understand the sociological perspectives. Functionalist believe that sick role is “societal expectations about the attitude and behavior of a person viewed being ill”. Early influential functionalist emphasis medicine’s role to maintain or even cure a ‘”normal”’ functioning individuals of society. In simple words, the patient or individual would be seeking to get well. It was also understood functionalist believe even disabled people were classified as sick. The downfall with functionalism is they confuse impairment and disability with the “sick role”. Talcott Parson, who is well known for his contribution to functionalism theory, outlined the behavior required of people who are considered sick. In summary he believed they are exempted from their normal, day-to-day activities. Yet they are

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