Importance Of The French Revolution

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One of the most pivotal times in Frances history happened during the end of the eighteenth century. This event was called the French Revolution, which completely changed the lives of Frenchmen and Frenchwomen alike. The French Revolution had many key components highlighted with many goals, revolutionaries fighting for a different ideology, notable supporters on each side, and two important men Robespierre and Bonaparte being connected to the revolution at different points. The French Revolution began in 1789, after King Louis XVI called together the Estates General. The Estates General was made up of three different branches the First Estate which being the Nobles, the Second Estate being the Clergy, and the Third Estate being the commoners…show more content…
Robespierre served as the leader of the Committee of Public Safety and was the leader of ‘the Terror’. The reign of terror began after the royal families execution, which did not sit easy with the citizens of France. There were high levels of political unrest, especially by the Catholic Church who was against the revolution and the kings’ death. Due to this political uprising, the revolutionary government formed the Committee of Public Safety, which had the job of keeping the revolution alive. Robespierre and the rest of the committee worked on keeping the revolution alive, by executing anyone who expressed opposition to the revolutionary regime by means of the guillotine (“French Revolution PP”). Robespierre kept the ‘Reign of Terror’ going for a year, until he began executing collaborators of his. This caused radicals and moderates in the National Convention to organize a conspiracy, in which they planned to take down Robespierre and his comrades. Months later the National Convention called down Robespierre when he attempted to speak to them, the next day they sent him to the guillotine to be executed alongside his men (“Textbook”). Napoleon Bonaparte was another man connected to the French Revolution, by helping end the Revolution in France itself. Bonaparte was a Corsican minor nobleman who excelled in the military due to his support of the revolution and strong ability to lead an army (“Napoleon PP”). As the most famous commander of France’s army, Bonaparte was able to stage a takeover with the help of his army and seize power in France. After the takeover, Bonaparte was named the first consul of the republic, which became the form of government in France for five years. Five years later Bonaparte became the Emperor of France, adopting the Napoleonic Code that restated two major goals of the French Revolution (“Textbook”). The two goals

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