Importance Of The Chivalric Code In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain is expected to live by the chivalric code. Despite having the expectation, Gawain slowly begins to break this code. It is ironic because the whole quest that he is going on is to acknowledge the chivalric code he has. He is sent as the bravest knight in the kingdom. He goes to show the courage in the code. He does not want his kingdom to be acknowledged as cowardly. He breaks the code of honesty when he lies to the king. He did not remain loyal to his kingdom, nor to himself when he accepted the belt and when he uses the belt to save his own life, he abandons the concept of courage. While he may have broken certain aspects of the code, he did stick by some. He remained with the generosity of the code and with the faith in the Virgin Mary.…show more content…
He says no to all of them, but when he is given the option to possibly save his life, he considers it. Gawain is aware that it would break the chivalric code to accept this. He would accept it and in the terms of the agreement, Gawain was to relinquish everything that was given to him. When he was informed that this belt could save his life, he became intrigued. His instinct to save his own life overruled the rules of chivalry. He accepted the belt and when the end of the day came and the king gave up his offerings, Gawain lied to him. He kept the girdle a secret because he knew that if he were to tell the king about it, he would need to give it up and lose the chance to easily save his own life. He knew he was going to die. Gawain had nothing to lose. Because he accepted this gift and lied to the king, he broke the code of