Importance Of The 14th Amendment

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As the United States developed over the years the lives and lifestyles for the Americans has changed for the better. The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were some of the first steps into creating a better and more equal America. Also the creation of the Judicial, Executive, and the
Legislative system; these court systems have played a huge role with keeping issues under control and making sure that everyone is treated fairly. The Executive branch of the United
States government is responsible for enforcing laws. The judicial branch interprets the law, which means the courts decide what exactly is and is not covered by the laws that have been passed. The legislative branch’s power in the government is put in the hands of the Congress,
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It passed 38–6. Although the amendment had a tougher time in the House of
Representatives, but thanks to President Lincoln he personally got involved to make sure this amendment was passed. The Thirteenth Amendment finally passed the House in January 1865. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution was made to guarantee that African
Americans would have/enjoy citizenship, full civil rights, and have equality. The Fourteenth
Amendment was necessary because of the passage of Black Codes in the South in the wake of the Civil War. The Fourteenth Amendment was one of the most controversial amendments at the time it was passed. Black Codes were laws passed by Southern states in 1865 and 1866, after the
Civil War. These laws restricted African Americans ' freedom, and made them to work in a labor economy based on low wages or debt. Black Codes also made it illegal for African Americans to own land, serve on juries, or testify in court. The Northerners believed the South was using
Black Codes to avoid the result of the Civil War, which was to end slavery. Pg 609 Discrimination against African Americans persisted in the South even after the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868. The former Confederate states passed laws such as
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After Grant’s narrow victory, the Republican majority in Congress decided to add an amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing that African Americans would have the right to vote.(2) Eventually the Congress drafted and passed the Fifteenth Amendment in 1869. It was approved by three-fourths of the states and became a part of the Constitution on March 30, 1870.
In this amendment it states that “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged . . . on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”
Even though we got the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments that doesn’t stop people from discriminating in other ways such as affirmative action. Affirmative Action is an action or policy favoring those who tend to those that suffer from discrimination, especially in employment or education and it is also called positive discrimination.
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Brown v. Board of Education began in 1950 in Topeka, Kansas. That year, the local school board told Oliver Brown, an African American, that his daughter would not be able

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