Importance Of Technology In Accounting

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Accountants and Auditor Accounting can be called ‘the language of business’ but did you (this is a banned word)you know some accounting terms are extracted from Latin. The word ‘debit’ means ‘he owes’ in Latin, while ‘credit’ means ‘he trusts.’. The word ‘accountant’ is derived from the Latin ‘computare,’, which means ‘count.’. Technology has modernized so much over the years. It's hard to believe how accountants lived without it. While many feel that accountants and auditors should be able to do their jobs without additional technology, ultimately the use of technology is more beneficial to those with this career, along with their clients. Accountants and auditors assemble, analyze, and check the accuracy of financial information(“Accountants…show more content…
Technology has taken a wide turn to all careers in the world. The most obvious impact of technology in accounting is the presence of computers. printers, scanners and faxes(“How is Information Technology Used in Accounting”). Computers nowadays are sophisticated, fast and easy to use; to most people. Accountants appreciate more the softwares and the electronic spreadsheet. Electronic spreadsheet programs are highly effective at helping accountants with calculations and reporting. Softwares help accountants in their daily tasks, such as paying bills, recording transaction and reporting. The programs help keep information organized and in a certain location. Better than binders and paper that can be easily misplaced or…show more content…
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