Importance Of Team Empowerment

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Thus, when the collective experience of a

Self 5 team is high, team members are likely to be more familiar with the purchasing category and share an understanding of the objectives for the supplier selection in that category. After carefully considering and selecting your team members and identifying roles, what will be the authority of the team? One of the most persistent problems for sourcing CFTs is their lack of empowerment. Two key activities that undermine team empowerment are meddling by functional managers and micro-managing by senior managers. They need the authority to make decisions and implement them. A related obstacle is the lack of clarity about just how empowered the team is to act. The confusion about the team’s authority leads to a lack of consistency. Some teams, usually on the strength of the leader’s skills, simply will assume they have the requisite
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Team leaders need to clarify their team’s authority to decide key issues,
2. Senior management and other sponsors of CFTs need to think through and clarify the level of team empowerment they want.
Consensus among CFT members enhances effectiveness, as low levels of consensus can lead to decisions not in line with overall sourcing strategy if the two points made above are not in place (Boyer and McDermott 289). Cross-functional sourcing team members integrate diverse perspectives and competencies during decision making, but they can also bring different

Self 6 priorities and objectives to the supplier selection process. In turn this leads us to the obstacles and/or disadvantages of having these CFTs.
According to the University of Michigan studies, CFTs are unsuccessful in these scenarios:
1) The team has no real power or authority to make major decisions
2) The team has little insight into how it is performing over time.
3) Managers outside the team attempt to control activities or influence team decisions.
4) Certain members dominate team meetings or control team
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