Importance Of Teaching English To Young Learners

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Teaching English to children has become a worldwide phenomenon due to the international expansion of English teaching combined with general commitment of governments worldwide to reduce the starting age of learning English and include it in the curriculum in the primary school (Pinter, 2006, p.3). As English has become the common language in the world, it has also become one of the components of primary and even pre-school education in the English as a Foreign Language teaching contexts. In teaching English to young learners, age plays a crucial role in what we teach and how we teach it, since a young learner class is different from older learner and adult class in terms of the learners’ language learning needs, language competences, and the cognitive skills. It is highly important to show the differences of these three learner groups keeping in mind the fact that every learner is unique and such lists can only reflect generalizations (Harmer, 2007). According to Lynne Cameron (2001, p.1) there are some characteristics of young learners which distinguish young learners with older learners or adult learners. First, children are often more enthusiastic and lively as learners. Second, as a learner children wants to please the teacher rather that their peer group. Third, children can interest to something more quickly and also lose interest more quickly. Fourth, children less able to keep themselves motivated on tasks they find difficult. Based on the characteristics above, teacher plays a key role in the success of any teaching English to young learners programme (Pinter, 2006, p.3). Teacher can adjust the way their thinking about language they teach and activities in the class room and teacher can apply suitable or effective lesson... ... middle of paper ... ... and accomodation. In learning, assimilation and accomodation connect between new information and children`s existing knowledge to construct their knowledge of the world. The third strength from the teaching learning video The fourth strength from the teaching learning video was suatability the teaching materials with grade of students based on piaget`s stage of development. Based on students` age, they are categorized in concrete operational stage (from seven to eleven years of age). In the video, teacher provide a map and students need to read it to deliver the birthday invitation to the correct person. It is in line with Piaget statement about concrete operational stage in Pinter (2006, p.7) that childrens start to think logically and try to apply logical reasoning in several areas of knowledge at the same time (such as math, science and map reading)
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