Importance Of Teaching English As An International Language

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Asmae El janati
Date: 29 November, 2016
Group: B

Academic writing workshop

It is undeniable that English is considered to be as an international language. The emergence of English as the most widely used language in the world has paved the way to its native speakers to use it as a means of communicating, interacting and representing their own culture. This pushes me to put the following questions. Does teaching American or British culture in ELT help students increase their knowledge of the language or does it reinforce cultural hegemony and alienate native students from their own culture? And how can teachers help preserve their students cultural identity while still teaching students about world cultures in ELT? The
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Yet, the materials that are used in teaching are either available or published in English. That is to say, English impose itself on the native language of the learners. If you take a close look on the materials used in English language teaching, including coursebooks which sometimes feed the students a steady diet. The cultural content of this materials do not usually match the needs of the students , it instead bombard them with empty and useless themes such as actors in Hollywood. That means , the problem of cultural content in ELT remains unsolved. As Kizilkaya (2004) states,?? cultural content is a key to teach and learn a language effectively provided that problems arising from introducing culture into EFL classroom are dealt with effectively and teaching strategies and learning materials are chosen appropriately??. However, many people argue that during the process of selecting and forming the materials, there are many factors that should be taken into account. Firstly, the learners?s needs, experiences and expectations. Thus, English language teaching should be taught independently from its cultural context. However, many would argue that we can not separate the…show more content…
diverse needs. And thirdly, ELT professionals should do more to design and/or select teaching materials that are international and inclusive in scope??. Which means, there are three points which are extremely important to keep in mind. First, the idea that America and the Great Britain is no longer considered the only source of representing the target cultures of the English language. Second, the objectives of culture and language should match the students? need. Third, the materials should be designed carefully to match again the students diverse needs. Teachers from all over the world who are responsible about teaching English whether as a second or foreign language are confused and sometimes they are even in the dark about whether they are spreading the knowledge or empowering the so called linguistic imperialism of the English language. The term was first introduced by Robert Phillipson in his book ?Linguistic Imperialism? in which he discussed the idea of ELC strategy that had developed in post colonial countries and the influence of the elite who fostered education in English so as to serve their hidden
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