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1: Abstract: TAQWA is the most effective and valuable concept in the literature of Islam. In the Holy Quran, 251 times the word TAQWA is used. The word TAQWA means “to fear “ but actually it refers to “protection of oneself from all that activities which make one astray from the right path, which dishonor one and it is the protection from all those things that endanger one’s faith. TAQWA also means the protection of soul from all those things that threatens it. TAQWA is that weapon with which one can destroy all the evils and can make this world free of sins. TAQWA is mandatory for every single person, whether he believes in religion or not, who is interested in living a life with some rules and regulations TAQWA in a broader sense is a…show more content…
According to the first type, a person protects himself from sins by refraining from a situation that leads to committing one. This is similar to a person who avoids an infested environment to protect his health. According to the second type, a person creates a state and power in his soul that gives him a spiritual and moral security. That is, if he does find himself in a situation where the means and causes of sin are around him, that spiritual state protects him and prevents him from committing sins. This is similar to a person who creates a medical immunity in his body so that the microbes of the diseases have no effect on his…show more content…
For those who are said to have TAQWA, it usually means that he is a cautious man who secludes himself in an isolated corner and refrains from the causes of sin. It has been understood this way because the word TAQWA has always been translated for us as abstinence. Moreover, abstinence from sin has been gradually construed as avoiding the grounds for sins; later on the meaning changed into isolation and avoiding society. Thus, when this word is heard in ordinary conversation, a state of avoidance and reluctance comes to mind. Though the prerequisite of leading a reasonable life is to follow specific principles, it is not wise to avoid social life in doing so. The key to living the right way is to create a state of immunity in our soul that eventually protects

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