Importance Of Taking Risk In Life

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It's better to take risks to make life more fun. If we didn't take risks in life we wouldn’t have any fun and we wouldn't have any inventions and the world would be in stone age again, But we did take risks and now we are venturing into the future. I Know that if we didn't take risks our world would be safer, but the people that took a risk made history like Thomas Edison who made the first light bulb. It is better to take risks and make mistakes because you can learn from your mistakes, you can achieve more, and you can learn about what you like and dislike. First, its good for taking risk is because we can learn from our mistakes. For Example, When we first learn how to ride a bike, we fall off, we learn that we…show more content…
For Example, When you're about to go skydiving for the first time and you are scared of heights and you do not want to do it anymore, so you dislike doing that. My Mom always said “If you never tried it how do you know you like it?”. When I went skydiving, I can admit I was very scared of heights at the time and I had to get over my fear and that's why i did it. That's when he said Jump and We all jumped out of the airplane and I thought I was going to pass out or die, but It was really pretty and we could do cool tricks and I thought I would hate it but i didn't! It was really fun and when we had to land I was sad because I wanted to do it more. Thats is why taking risks are better than taking no risks at all. This is the last reason why you should take risk because you can find out what you like and dislike and this is my reason why it's better to take risks in life. To sum it up, To take risk is better not to take risk in life. The awesome activities, the fun sites to see, and the amazing people you could meet when you're trying to learn from your mistakes or what you like or dislike or how you can achieve more in life. We need to take risks in life because if we don't think we won't venture into the future. As a result of not taking risks you miss on a lot of things and people you meet. Next time you go somewhere take a risk besides of being scared and not taking a risk and try to do that run
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