Importance Of System Analysis In Software Engineering

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The world we live in today has its bedrock on software and systems of varying types, complexities and classifications. The modern world today is software. From college portals to computer games, from airplanes to space ships, for cellular phones to banking transactions and world security everything is now heavily dependent on some sort of software. We cannot escape software. __Software engineering__ is that disciple of engineering that deals holistically with software production. It is not some other sort of software development or another type of program writing process. Rather it supports the activities and methodologies involved in software development as a process. Software engineering techniques support functional specifications, design, cost, schedule, dependability and the evolution and lifetime of software developed as a whole. It is closely involved in the programming aspects as well as documentation, and configuration of the data that is required to ensure that all functional specifications of the project are met. !!!What Is Systems Analysis In Software Engineering? System analysis in software engineering is therefore the activities that comprise software engineering as process in the production of software. It is the __software process__. This process comprises of 4 main activities. They are: Software specification, Software design and implementation, Software validation and Software evolution. As we can see these activities comprise the systems analysis and design of software. Depending on the methodology in the project the activities can be arranged differently. They are arranged sequentially in the well know waterfall model while in the incremental development model they are inter-related. !! Stages of Systems ... ... middle of paper ... ...solation. Today's complex systems comprise of many sub systems or components which have been designed for versatility. The ability of a piece of software or hardware to be flexible in its use is becoming more and common in systems design. The extent to which software can evolve lies in its flexibility in both modification and use. We live in a world of changing constant changing requirement and needs and developers need to design software that can easily evolve with these changes. !!!Lesson Summary System Analysis is software engineering is the activities that comprise software engineering as process in the production of software. These activities help to details and ensure that the users' expectations and the system requirements are in compliance with the stipulated specifications. These activities give engineering support to the production process of the software.
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