Importance Of Synthetic Phonics

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The Importance of Synthetic Phonics for Young Learners
How we learn to read is an essential part of our learning process. The words we read are made up of symbols, which make English sounds. The relationships between the symbols and the speech sounds they make, is a code, which can and does take time to crack. Synthetic Phonics is a method of teaching young learners, to help them crack the code, and help them to progress with learning the English language. An important element of learning to read and spell is synthesizing and blending together the sounds the letters make. The letters are linked together, producing individual speech sounds which are called phonemes. When a young learner learns the process of reading through Synthetic Phonics,
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If words are beyond a student’s skills, students tend to guess the words and they may think reading is too difficult for them to learn, resulting in a lack of confidence in themselves, believing reading is beyond them. Reading and speaking is a process, which takes time and patience. Students should be encouraged to go at a pace, which is not too fast and within their comfort zone. Early learners should be introduced to new ideas gradually and their skills and knowledge built up step by step. The reading skills of a student determine other skills in English. A student’s ability to read will help them through their academic lives and help them become a good writer as they have an understanding of words, phrases and sentences (Johnston, McGeown & Watson, 2011). The sounds of letters are arbitrary, thus difficult to discover without explicit teaching. Teaching phonics explicitly involves the teacher to clearly and consistently pronounce the sounds they are teaching. It is crucial for teachers to develop and continually refine their ability to pronounce the phonemes in words. Phonics is an essential part of reading and instructions need to be explicit and direct. Teachers need to demonstrate the pronunciation of sounds and demonstrate how to blend these
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