Importance Of Sustainable Tourism

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A developing nation is a country with a low Human Development Index (HDI) (statistics of education, income and life expectation), lower living standard and an undeveloped industry. Sustainable tourism is where the industry endeavors to make as low of an impact on the local culture and environment, whilst creating jobs for future employment for the local people. To maintain sustainable tourism there needs to be a suitable balance of economic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects to assure the long-term sustainability with the intention to ensure that the development will bring a positive experience for the local people, tourism companies and tourists themselves. A sustainable tourism industry would help a developing nation express their culture to visitors, as this would create more jobs, meaning more money to hopefully one day bring the country to total development.

As more county’s regions develop their tourism industry, it creates significant impacts on consumption patterns, natural resources, pollution and social systems. The need for sustainable development and management is crucial for the industry to survive. The destination of the developing country is more fragile than the tourists’ home countries, as most tourists live in wealthier nations; they have many resources, and due to lack of knowledge they aren’t aware of how limited these resources can be in developing countries. “When the Tourists Flew In” is a poem written by Malaysian poet Cecil Rajendra , who read this at a tourism conference, explaining about how shantytowns were being preserved as tourist attractions and how this impacts the hosts’. “When the tourists flew in, our men put aside their fishing nets, to become waiters, our women became whores” ....

... middle of paper ... to live their every day life, having stripped the hosts of their privacy and unique quality. Jamaica has so far maintained a good tourism industry, having made minimal damage to their culture and environment as well as provided locals with employment. If Jamaica continues to maintain their tourism industry the way they currently are, they will come to development. It is so important for Jamaica to uphold a sustainable industry so the country can make money but also provide a new experience for tourists, learning about the culture and environment without doing any harm. The tourism industry is growing rapidly worldwide and people need to understand how their actions can have an impact on the development of some nations, so living standards can one day be equal.

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