Importance Of Studying In College

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If you had met me in high school, you would realize I am not the same person I am today. I used to believe that people do not change, they never will. Growing up I came to believe that it is impossible for people to change. This is not true, after being in college for a short four months, I am a completely different person than I was when I left home which is for the better. Unfortunately, I was arrested the first week of school. Being arrested was an extreme wake up call, and made me realize why I really came to college. There are two different paths people go down in college, first students can party and not care about grades, barely passing their classes. Or the other path is to study and focus hard on all of my classes. After this night,…show more content…
Although I was a different person in high school, it is possible for people to truly change if they put their mind to it. In high school, I really did not care about my grades. My attendance was awful, skipping too many classes to count. I barely managed to pull off a 3.0 GPA by the end of my senior year. When I came to college, I knew grades were important but I did not realize how challenging it was to get above a 3.0 in college. Studying in college for tests is a completely different concept than in high school. Students have to put everything into studying for tests and not just cram 10 minutes before the test, or start writing a paper 3 hours before it is due. Most people at Ole Miss are doing this, and I do not think they are going to get very far in school. It feels so much better knowing I am trying my best in my classes…show more content…
Everyone says to have fun in college, and this is the time to have fun but to me, if I work hard now, I can have fun later in life when I have a career and done with school. If I had the chance I would transfer to a different school to get out of the constant partying atmosphere. My father prefers me to stay at Ole Miss and finish my degree here because academically it is a prestigious university. Instead of transferring, I plan on graduating early with doing classes during the summer at home, hopefully graduating within 3 years. Immediately after graduating, I plan on going back home to get my masters at St. Louis University. With the event that happened at the beginning of the semester, it made me understand why I was really at college, to get a degree, to then get a career and begin a life of my
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